Explore Zadar


A week-long getaway to Zadar offers ample time to soak in almost everything Dalmatia has to offer. With seven days at your disposal, you can rest assured that all of plans and desires will be met, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

From an immersive and rich history to breathtaking landscapes of nearby islands and national parks, there’s so much to see, and enough time to see it. To help you make the most of your time, we’ve prepared a week-long itinerary that strikes the perfect balance between sightseeing and relaxation.



We recommend settling into your stay with an exploration of Zadar’s Old Town. Set out from the peninsula and wander on foot from one point to another, stumbling upon ancient history at practically every turn. Kalelarga, the bustling main street reminiscent of times past, winds its way from the Venetian Land Gate to the waterfront, offering the town’s cobblestone alleys at every step. Climb the Bell Tower or follow the historic promenade to take in stunning views of the surrounding islands and the city’s red rooftops. Nearby, the People’s Square invites you to soak in the local atmosphere, complete with music and refreshments. Adjacent to the Bell Tower, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia pays tribute to Dalmatia’s rich history, soon to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage catalog. Nestled among the ancient Roman forum ruins lies the Church of St. Donatus, a world-famous landmark boasting intricate altars, colonnades, and sculptures. Conclude your day with a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, where you’ll encounter two contemporary art installations: the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, adding a modern twist to your historical tour.


There's plenty to do near Zadar, and Plitvice Lakes National park (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is guaranteed to enrich your experience. It's fairly close to Zadar, but is a renowned natural beauty far different from the usual Dalmatian paysage. Sixteen interconnected lakes await your visit, as do rich forests and mesmerizing waterfalls. Several options are available, so be sure to check them out and find one that suits your needs; guided tours, boat rides, walking tours or a solo venture, Plitivice will provide fresh air, stunning surroundings and camera-friendly locations for enduring memories.


Start your day with a fresh and tasty A'mare breakfast before heading for a full-day island hopping excursion. Departing from Zadar, a panoramic boat ride will ease you into the crown-jewel of the Adriatic, the Kornati archipelago. While you admire a stunning scenery, a guide will fill you in on the rich history of the islands and local stories. Then it's time for a swim in the lush natural beauty of the Adriatic, ending with a tour of the National Park, during which you can take in the kars-limestone formations all around you. Cap off the day with a visit to Telašćica Nature Park, including a stop at its picturesque beach and unique salt lake Mir. Admire the wonders of Kornati before returning to the town, with a stunning sunset seeing off your memorable day.


By car or by bus, don’t miss a quick visit to the charming town of Nin, known for its historical significance and unique attractions. First visit the Salt Museum, where you can learn about traditional harvesting methods practiced for centuries, then head to the Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas or the smallest cathedral in the world, the Church of the Holy Cross, dating all the way back to the 9th century. Just outside Nin, you’ll find the Nin Lagoon, a shallow, sandy area known for its therapeutic mud. For a kid-friendly outing, visit the Queen’s Beach instead, with shallow waters and sandy shores. Afterward, for an upbeat mid-day, visit the Zrmanja canyon, with options like rafting or kayaking amidst the breathtaking scenery. In addition to natural beauty, the Zrmanja river area is rich in cultural and historical sights; guided tours and excursions are available. A visit to these spots will prove an unforgettable experience for travelers in the Zadar region. When you’re ready to unwind, head back to A’mare restaurant for elegant and intimate dinner options.



Start your day off in style by savoring A’mare’s brunch menu. After feasting on the very best local cuisine has to offer, more discovery awaits. Only a short car-ride away, Pag Island is known for its lunar-like landscape and rich cultural heritage. The Old Town’s historic center features narrow stone streets, medieval buildings, and ancient churches. Sample local specialties like the renowned Pag cheese or local dishes at seaside restaurants. Discover the island’s centuries-old salt production and get familiar with a long-lasting tradition in lace-making. Relax on picturesque beaches or explore Pag’s natural beauty by hiking or cycling along scenic trails. Head back to Zadar where, at night, the promenade comes alive. Be sure to keep an eye out for local event listings or livelier nightlife experiences like clubs and nightclubs.



No trip to the Dalmatian coast is complete without a relaxing beach day and after a couple of up-tempo trips, some R&R is well overdue. Luckily, Zadar has more than plenty swimming spots, so your options are virtually endless. Whether you prefer lively beaches with amenities like Kolovare or Puntamika or cozier options with plenty of natural shade and fragrant pine forests like Borik or Punta Bajlo, Zadar caters to every preference. If the city’s throng proves overwhelming, go beyond town limits, or to nearby islands by ferry, for some truly unique locations. After taking in the Adriatic and swimming in crystal-clear waters, head home to A’mare for one of our weekend events. Bring your stay to a memorable end with an exquisite dinner experience, complete with live music in an intimate setting.



You’ve seen most of the sights and experienced the essence of the Zadar region. The only thing left is to head back to the city for some casual museum prowling, coffee drinking and leisurely activities. After visiting the Archeological Museum and Museum of Ancient Glass, housed in the 19th-century Comacendi palace, spend the rest of your day exploring what the city hasn’t yet offered you. Take a laid-back swim by the promenade or elevate your afternoon with hearty and flavorful regional specialties at A’mare restaurant. Take in one last breath of the town’s vibrant atmosphere at the People’s Square and Queen Jelena Madijevka Park or look around for local gift-shops and souvenirs