One day in Zadar: An itinerary

Looking to maximize your 24 hours in Zadar, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered with an informative guide to the best sights and landmarks the city has to offer.

Walk among ancient remains, discover immersive art installations and feast on regional delicacies while making your brief stay fully engaging.



You’ll be spending the better part of the morning wandering the longest standing history of any Croatian city, discovering a beautiful promenade and basking in the sun. Throughout the city, ancient ruins and a rich history rise to meet you. The foundations of the city are the forefront of its aesthetic and there’s no better place to get swept up in ancient times than the Roman Forum. A complex of ancient ruins that serve as the heart of Zadar to this day, you’ll see altars, colonnades, relief sculptures, pillar of shame and the most remarkable attraction – the Church of St. Donatus. Continuing the historic walkabout, head to the Bell tower right behind St. Donatus and savor an incredible panoramic vista. Right underneath it, discover a historic Roman Catholic cathedral known for an elaborate façade and rich interiors, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. Set to become a UNESCO World Heritage site, the largest cathedral in Dalmatia boasts an impressive history and rich architectural style. You’re very likely to pass through People’s Square, alive with locals and a citywide culture, extending onto Kalelarga, the main street for any Zadar native. Get a bit lost amidst the streets, admire the architecture and browse local shops for an authentic experience.


One of Zadar's top attractions are, at first glance, shallow steps leading into the Adriatic. Underneath the marble, however, a contemporary sound-art installation is at work. Reacting to the movements of the sea, a pipe-and-whistle network creates lulling and unique melodies as the waves crash along the pier. Take a minute and listen to the sea sing and then take a stroll to the city's core.


After an up-tempo morning, well-spent exploring the city, some respite is in order. If you're looking to elevate your afternoon with hearty and flavorful local specialties, the A'mare restaurant is a ten minute walk to authentic flavors of Dalmatian cuisine.


Returning to the city, pass through the entrance to the Old Town. There lies the Land Gate, a gorgeous stone gate attached to the old city walls of Zadar and historically used as the main entrance to the city. Right behind it, head to Queen Jelena Madijevka Park, the oldest public park in Croatia, for a breather. During hot Croatian summers, the park offers a quiet escape to those seeking refuge from the throng.


Cut through the Old Town and explore the central market, one of the best and largest open-air markets in Dalmatia. Discover local produce, cheeses, olive oils, cured meats, fresh fruit and fish-markets that display the seafood that comes from Zadar’s surrounding waters. Grab an ice-cream or a coffee and spend the afternoon relaxing, tasting and taking in the atmosphere of the city.



Come sundown, retrace your steps along the waterfront, just past the Sea Organ, and end up at yet another impresive art installation – The Sun Salutation. Why only now and not in the morning? Because during the day, the 22m-wide circle harnesses solar power, unleashing it at night only for a spectacular light show that emulates the colors of the Milky Way. Send the day off in a remarkable manner with both locals and tourists, reveling in a beautiful sunset that famously blew away the great Alfred Hitchcock.